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Seed to Harvest

For iPhone® and iPod touch®


Seed to Harvest is a complete crop record-keeping tool designed with the organic farmer in mind.

Detailed Crop Records

Record detailed planting information including cultivar, location, amount, date, and an unlimited number of transplanting records. Track inputs, harvest records, and sales by cultivar and location.

Multiple Crop Types

Seed to Harvest handles annual, biennial and perennial crops with ease.

Field Records

Store your field records by field and section. Greenhouse records can also be kept in this manner.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Records are stored directly on your device, so no internet access is required.* Wherever you go, your records are always with you.

PDF Reports*

Generate complete reports of crop and field activity, customizable with your name and farm information. More

Backup/Restore Data*

Backup your data by email.

* Internet access required for pdf report generation and backup/restore functionality

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PDF Reports *

Generate Detailed Reports

Create complete reports of all crop and field activity.

Summary Pages

Optional summary pages can be generated that include information such as total harvest and sales for a particular crop or cultivar, and total overall sales.

Customize With Your Farm Information

Add your farm information to the header of a report for an organic inspector's reference.

Bulk Report Generation

Generate all reports at once, for a specific crop, or for just a single cultivar.

* Internet access required for pdf report generation

PDF Reports